HUNDREDS of rock and metal fans from across the world flocked to Prestwich for an annual music festival across the weekend.

The ninth SOS Festival took place at the Longfield Suite from Friday to Sunday, with fans travelling from as far as mainland Europe to see the line-up of local and international bands.

This year's event was headlined by Absolva, Attica Rage and Knock Out Kaine, and also included performances from the likes of Babylon Fire, Crimes of Passion, John Sloman, Pythia and many more.

Zakk Tayler, lead singer of A Jokers Rage who played on Saturday, said: “There is definitely no shortage of independent festivals these days but like a good band who stands out from the rest, SOS festival is in a league of its own.

“Everything from the perfect layout and size of the venue, the crystal clear sound to the organisation of the backstage team and the general happy vibes from all that take part.

“It really has been such a highlight for us. It's the kind of festival that reminds you why you're in a band and why you disregard all the knock backs and struggles you face as a musician every day.

“It's a mass of positive rock and roll solidarity that allows us all to escape reality for a while. It's the real deal and while most fantasize about playing at Download, I'll be gunning for the top spot at SOS Festival."

Mark Appleton, label manager of Rocksector Records, said: “The response to SOS Festival 2016 has been overwhelming.

“We had been a little apprehensive about the change in venue from the Radcliffe Civic Centre to the Longfield Suite as we'd been at the Civic for the previous eight years.

“However, within just a couple of hours the Longfield Suite felt like home and the feedback from our audience has been outstanding.

“We're now looking forward to SOS Festival Big Ten in July 2017 to celebrate our tenth edition."

The three-day extravaganza welcomed fans and performers from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary and France.