CAN you identify this UFO?

It was spotted flying over Bury at 6.10pm on Saturday by photographer Mark Isherwood who was at his father's house in Holme Avenue, Brandlesholme.

Mr Isherwood said: "I was watching television and happened to look out of the window when I saw this object in the sky, so I picked up my dad's camera.

"It caught my eye because the sun was reflecting off it, on what was a very clear evening."

He added: "It was flying over Elton Reservoir towards Bury town centre and I saw it for about 30 to 40 seconds.

"It looked like it was about 10,000ft in the air. At first I thought it could be a drone but no drone I have seen looks like that.

"I am sure someone will be able to say what it is, but it is a bit of a mystery to me."

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