A PRIMARY school in Bury will be helping donate new books to children in South Africa as it partners up with a children’s author.

Chantlers Primary School, in Foulds Avenue, will be using Alison Delaney’s new book ‘Little Chick has Lunch on the Moon’ to guide pupils in every walk of their education.

And for every copy of the book the school buys for one of its pupils, a further copy is donated to a child in Mitchell’s Plain Primary School, in Western Cape, South Africa.

At the launch of the new curriculum on Monday, the two schools took part in a live video link, so children from Chantlers and Mitchell’s Plain could see each other on screen.

“It’s all about making a global connection, and showing children here that they are connected to others across the world,” said head teacher Philip Barlow.

“But equally, the text itself is very important because it will inspire children to believe they can achieve anything they put their mind to.”

The book tells the story of a little chick who had “big dreams and magical thoughts” about going to the moon.

After making a spaceship, the little chick manages to make it to the moon where he eats lunch.

Author Mrs Delaney, who was at the book launch and video link at the school, also has her own personal development business.

She said: “I have the privilege of helping people to truly understand their power and to remove limiting beliefs they’ve picked up, mostly from childhood, so they can achieve their dreams too.”

The school, which earlier this year received a ‘good’ Ofsted rating, hopes the story of the little chick will be used for much more than developing pupil’s literacy.

Mr Barlow added: “We have children from different backgrounds and different children are better at different things.

“We hope the story will show the children that they can do anything they put their mind to.

“Yes, our job as teachers is to help them learn, but that means more than just passing on information, it means motivating them and helping them realise they do want to learn and achieve.”