BUDDING artists and poets embraced their creativity with the help of a couple of professionals – and modern technology.

Children from Tottington Primary School drew inspiration from talking on Skype to professional artists and authors Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom.

It all started when the school’s Year Three and Four pupils read the pair’s books ‘Woolly Mammoth’ and ‘The Secrets of Stonehenge’ as they studied the Stone Age.

When teacher Simon Hunt emailed the non-fiction books’ creators to arrange a Skype session, he was pleasantly surprised when they replied.

Mr Hunt said: “The children were excited that they were going to speak to real life artists and authors.”

During the first session, children from three Year Three and Four classes and one Year Three class took turns to speak to Mick and Brita, who said they were impressed with the high level of questions from such young children.

Brita then led a session on how to draw a mammoth, with the children all having the chance to draw using the guidance of the artist.

Finally, pupils from the school in Moorside Road were challenged to write their own poems in the style of the books they had read.

They were told they could use riddles and facts to describe Stone Age animals.

Mick and Brita read all the poems and provided a prize for the winner: a signed copy of one of their books.

The winner was James Stuart, aged eight, who impressed the authors with his narrative style – a sabre-tooth tiger speaking directly to the reader – and his illustrations.

Mick and Brita added they were impressed with all the children’s writing styles and maturity.

Mr Hunt said: “They added that the children from our school will probably be published authors one day and they would love to buy one of their books.

“As a teacher, the real purpose of things like this is to make children want to write and enjoy and love writing.

“Also, the fact they were able to speak and connect with Mick and Brita was fantastic.

“They now see that one day they too could be a published author.

“I would l like to thank Mick and Brita for giving up their time and being such an inspiration to future poets, writers and authors.”