A GROUP is hoping to save a town library from extinction.

‘Save Tottington Library’ aims to work with Bury Council to ensure the building remains open.

Bury Council will stop funding Tottington Library, in Market Street, as part of its libraries review.

But campaigners believe it is possible to keep the library open and for the building to continue to operate as a community centre, which also acts as a meeting place for more than 20 activity groups.

The group hopes to do this through volunteers and donations, and is asking residents for support.

The group outlined its plans at a Ramsbottom, Tottington and North Manor Township Forum meeting tonight.

It came after a presentation by Klare Rufo, assistant director for learning and culture at Bury Council, who defended the council’s decision to stop funding Tottington Library.

Councillor Iain Gartside, from Save Tottington Library, said: “We are very heartened by the huge turnout at this township forum meeting and heartened to hear what Klare Rufo said in relation to helping the group going forward.

“The library is the most important community asset in Tottington.

“It is imperative that our heritage and the vital services of our community are protected.

“We are going to fight tooth and nail to protect the building and its history.”

Bury Council’s two options for its libraries plan both include closing, or removing council support at, Tottington Library.

The first option, described as the council’s bare minimum legal responsibility is to keep open Bury, Prestwich and Ramsbottom libraries.

The council’s preferred choice would be to keep these three open as well as Radcliffe Library.

The council has got to make a further £32million of cuts to services before 2020.

Ms Rufo said: “In an ideal situation, we would keep Tottington Library, and every other library in the borough, open.

“But the reality is that it is not feasible.

“We will work with the community, councillors and residents, to help build a business plan to keep the library open, but it must not be at any cost to the council.”

Chairman of the township forum, Councillor Dorothy Gunther, said: “For some people reading is the only leisure they have and I think libraries are vital.

“We could be looking at a considerable number of community facilities being lost and that is diabolical.”