DISNEY'S latest live action offering captures the essence of the original exactly. 

At it's best it is lifting wantonly from the 1991 film and at it's worst it's adding in it's own takes on themes, characters and back stories. 

While these additions do not take away from the spectal they add very little. 

The one real addition is clarifying the prince wasn't ten when he was declared beastly by the mysterious and beautiful enchantress. 

The magic is in the nostalgia and this 2017 retelling is practically word perfect, with a few new songs and quips thrown in. 

Emma Watson captures all the bookish heartache of the original Belle and Dan Stevens brings an extra emotional element to the Beast, especially when delivering new song "Evermore". 

Films rise and fall on their villains and this is no exception. 

Luckily, Luke Evans is on board to breath new life into the spinecrawling Gaston. 

His songs "Gaston", playfully egged on by Le Fou and "Kill the Beast" a rousing mob march are stand out moments. 

Luke Evans can really sell chauvanistic pig. 

Le Fou is more remastered than retold, with Josh Gad giving a knowing but simpering performance. 

The actor reveals at the end are fun, revealing a furless Dan Stevens, a blustery Sir Ian McKellen, a charming Ewan McGregor and favourite teapot mum, Emma Thompson.

If you enjoyed the 1991 film then by all means go and see this version. You'll be swept along on a wave of magical nostalgia and maybe even shed a tear. 

However, if you have no time for Disney and tales of princesses this isn't for you. 

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Beauty and the Beast was released on Friday, March 17 and is on at all local cinemas.