AN investigation has been launched into the cremation of a cat who went missing.

Helena Abrahams, aged 46, is determined to find the final resting place of her cat Gizmo, who was cremated by vet Kathryn Nuttall without her knowledge.

Miss Abrahams has been looking for Gizmo's final resting place to gain closure and a year on, Miss Abrahams, aged 46, still does not know where Gizmo was laid to rest but has involved Trading Standards as she believes Gizmo's cremation was illegal.

The farm where Gizmo was cremated is in Middleton but its exact location remains a mystery to Miss Abrahams, who lives in Broadoaks Terrace.

Miss Abrahams said: "I have fought so hard to be heard and now finally I appreciate the council and trading standards are dealing with this."

She hopes she will finally have 'justice for Gizmo'.

Rochdale Borough Council is investigating Miss Abrahams case and the work is being completed by staff at Oldham Council.

Nicola Rogers, the head of public protection at Rochdale's council, said: "We are aware of this case, have been in contact with the complainant and are investigating to establish if any breaches of animal health and welfare legislation have taken place."

A spokesman for Oldham Council confirmed their staff were working on the case and the farm was in Middleton.

Gizmo went missing in July 2016 and Miss Abrahams put out an appeal for her whereabouts in the Bury Times.

Miss Nuttall told Miss Abrahams over the phone that she had witnessed Gizmo being run over in Rochdale Old Road and after examining her, had made the decision to put her down.

Miss Nuttall said Gizmo had been cremated and in letters seen by the Bury Times, Miss Nuttall wrote: "I did not think enough about whose cat it was and how they may feel about having their cat’s body back."