ONE community facility has donated £500 to support another.

Walshaw Sports Club, in Sycamore Road, Tottington, gave the money to The Friends of Tottington Library the community group formed to keep the library in Market Street open and running after the withdrawal of all council funding.

Cllr Yvonne Wright, from The Friends of Tottington Library, said: “It is fantastic support from the club.

“They are a great community facility themselves and they recognise the value of the library which is another great facility. It is a case of one local group helping another.

“It is a very generous donation and we are absolutely delighted.” Bury Council announced earlier this year that it was cutting funding from 10 of the borough’s 14 libraries, including Tottington, as part of a drive to make savings at the town hall.

But the council has said it will help groups to organise a way of keeping the libraries open at no cost to the council. In addition to the donation, Walshaw Sports Club has volunteered to host a special ‘Lancashire Night’ fundraiser for the group on Friday, November 3. The night will feature entertainment and a ‘Name the Ferret’ competition.

Tickets are not on sale yet but updates will be posted on the group’s Facebook page. Search ‘Save Tottington Library’.