IF you’ve ever felt like your parenting skills are not good enough, the chances are you’re not alone.

According to clinical psychologist, Dr Rachel Andrew, it is easy for modern mums to fall into that negative way of thinking.

Dr Andrew, from Ramsbottom, has written a book alongside author Anya Hayes, designed to help mums overcome anxiety, ditch the guilt and embrace their parental imperfections.

The Supermum Myth uses cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and mindfulness to allow parents to ditch the negative thoughts.

Dr Andrew said: “I’m a mum myself, with two young children.

“It is a book for all of us who compare ourselves to other parents, who think they are not doing a good enough job, people who have self-doubt, people who have guilt and addressing some of the things we might find difficult to talk to other parents about.

“The book allows you to identify the way you think about yourself and find out how you can change and help take better care of yourself and allow yourself to become an even better parent.”

The self-help guide gives ‘in-the-moment solutions to common parenting flashpoints teaching people exactly how to unpick bad thinking habits.’

Dr Andrew says that although there are many books out there that use cognitive behaviour therapy, this book takes the best elements of lots of different theories to provide a helpful guide for parents.

Despite the serious undertones, the book recalls anecdotal tales from both author’s parenting experiences with light humour.

Dr Andrew began her career working in the NHS , before opening up her own practice in Haslingden.

She is a well-established media expert, having appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Don’t Make Me Angry’, the BBC’s ‘Fix My Family’ series and BBC Four’s ‘The Cinema Show’.

Author and pilates instructor, Anya Hayes, specialises in pregnancy, motherhood, mindfulness and wellness.

She is also the author of Pregnancy the naked truth: no-holds-barred guide to pregnancy.

The Supermum Myth comes out on September 14 and can be found on Amazon.