SOME of Britain's most iconic comics are being brought back for one night only – by just one man!

James Hurn's voice will be known to millions of radio and television audiences in the country but if they ever met him in person they would not recognise him or even his voice.

The actor has enjoyed a career lending his vocal talents to the likes of Dead Ringers and the celebrity lookalikes parodies by Doubletake producer Alison Jackson.

But now the impressive impressionist will be making his first visit to the Met in Bury with his show Hancock and Co.

The show is performed in the style of a radio performance in front of a live audience, bringing to life the classic days of radio comedy.

Audiences can see him recreating not just the accent, but also the personas of Tony Hancock, Sidney James, Hattie Jacques, Bill Kerr and Kenneth Williams.

James said: "It's really nice to have a live audience especially for comedy when you hear people laughing. Performing to people is always great.

"It has been a really good experience. People have been saying what a great time they've had and how fantastic it was to see these lovable actors being brought back to life, which is really nice!

"Everybody loves these actors. I grew up with them as a child and would watch and listen to them. I do feel I know them so well that the only thing left would have been to meet them in the flesh.

"It's from an era of comedy which I expected people from my age of mid-40s to come along and see but every night there have been younger audience members who have come along. They often grow up hearing the radio shows or watching the Carry On films with their parents."

The Newbury-based performer will takes every part in three Hancock's Half Hour's with Hancock at Halloween and two self-penned episodes written in the same style as Ray Galton and Alan Simpson – the comedy scriptwriting partnership behind Hancock's Half Hour which ran from 1954 to 1959 on radio, and until 1961 on television.

The Dead Ringers actor has also joined The Lost Hancocks Vacant Lots project to record two recently discovered Tony Hancock scripts.

Away from the radio and television, he has been keeping up the talent – which he discovered as a schoolboy – fresh with Youtube videos and a regular Sunday night Facebook Live broadcast.

He adds: "The people who come to the show, some follow me on social media and youtube.

"On the live feed I let people comment and make suggestions. It's great fun and quite a thrill when someone asks for a voice I've never done before!

"I like to challenge myself when someone comes up with something totally different to try."

To find out more about James visit or the 'voicewizard' Youtube channel.

Hancock and Co comes to The Met on November 30 with limited tickets left. To book visit or call 0161 7612216.