A MAGICAL prodigy has been impressing his hero with his talent.

Seven-year-old Harry Bedward has wowed celebrities and his local pub crowd alike with his card tricks, making dad Mark, and mum Sarah Corrie, very proud.

He and his parents went to see TV-magician Dynamo at a book signing at the Arndale Centre in Manchester where Harry proved a big success.

His dad said: “He loves his magic, he’s very committed — he lives, sleeps and breathes it.”

Already a local celebrity, showing off his tricks in the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Holcombe, Harry gained even more fans after his dad posted a video of him on Facebook.

Harry, of Dundee Lane, Ramsbottom, wowed the TV star Dynamo with his sleight of hand card trick. Dynamo, who was signing his new title Book of Secrets tweeted afterwards: “Incredible seeing young upcoming magicians performing for me at the book signings! Little Harry was amazing!”

“We had never seen Harry do the trick before, we were really surprised," said Mr Bedwood. "He seems to have picked up a lot of basic skills and now he’s making his own up.

“He watched videos of Dynamo all the time, he saw him do a trick on BBC breakfast and Harry seemed to have worked out how he did it.”

Harry, who attends Old Hall Primary School, has only been practising magic since last Christmas when he received a magic set from Santa Claus. Mr Bedward said: “He likes to show his friends at school during break and he went to a MacMillan charity coffee morning and was doing his tricks and put all the money he got in the pot.”

Among his other talents, Harry practices piano, plays football and takes singing lessons.