A PRIMARY school's technology-driven methods have attracted worldwide attention.

Pupils at Tottington Primary School feature in a video about how they love their teacher's use of technology in class.

The BrightVibes video of teacher Simon Hunt's teaching methods attracted more than 139,000 views.

The media organisation's video features an eight-year-old pupil, Jamie, who used to be very shy and found it difficult to make friends.

He praises Mr Hunt for making him an internet sensation and celebrity.

In the clip, Jamie said: "I'm much more confident now because I am all over YouTube and the internet."

Pupils describe their lessons as being very creative and say that technology has enhanced their learning.

Tottington Primary School said via Twitter: "Our wonderful school has been featured on the BrightVibes media page on Facebook and has almost 100,000 views in less than 48 hours. That’s how we roll."

Year 3 and 4 teacher Mr Hunt uses Virtual Reality glasses, green screens and an interactive whiteboard to engage his pupils.

In Maths lessons, the children are using the Angry Birds app to learn about place value, while in writing classes, pupils have been given the opportunity to interact with authors via Skype.

Mr Hunt said: "We share their writing online so their work doesn't just stay in their books. They get to share it with the world."

The school has been supported with £5,000 in funding after Mr Hunt entered BT's Tech Factor competition.

They also won an interactive whiteboard after he entered them into a Promethean UK competition.

Promethean is a global education company that offers a wide range of technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

Mr Hunt said: "Jamie became a little star and his confidence really grew. Another pupil has secured a place in a Preston play after being spotted in our class videos.

"My idea is to use what the children are interested in to help them learn, and in turn, they will work hard for you."