PLANS are underway for a community group to take over management of a Radcliffe library.

Bury Council has now closed the doors of Dumers Lane Community Centre and Library.

But Friends of Dumers Lane Community Centre and Library have been successful in their initial bid to save it.

The group's business plan has been approved by the council, enabling them to move forward with the model.

At this early stage in developments, Friends of Dumers Lane have called for help to oversee the long-term project.

They also need to raise a minimum of £3,000 to cover start-up costs.

Chairman Alan Stead said: "Although this undertaking is a daunting one, we are pleased to announce that the council has approved our bid and business plan.

"This is only the very first stage of the asset transfer process as there is much, much more to be done before we can hope to achieve our aims.

"We hope that the council will appreciate that a community project of such complexity cannot be rushed.

"We have done what we can with the basics, but I now must appeal to you for your help."

Friends of Dumers Lane is about to become a company limited by guarantee (LBG), without a share capital, and is due to apply to become a registered charity.

The community group has appealed for people with experience in managing charitable organisations, businesses and community groups to join its committee.

Calls have also been made for legal support, preferably free of charge, to help as the group negotiates with the council over the terms of the five-year lease.

To cover initial costs, Friends of Dumers Lane need to raise at least £3,000. A professional fundraiser is currently putting a funding model together.

Discussions are also underway with Bury College to see if its media studies department can produce a crowdfunding video to help.

Mr Stead said: "Members of Friends of Dumers Lane Community Centre are determined to see that this building is not sold off to the highest bidder.

"We want to keep it open as a community centre for the benefit of the residents of Radcliffe and Redvales and for those living in Dumers Lane neighbourhood in particular."

To help generate funding, the group is also making plans to sub-let the two offices on the first floor of the building.

For information, visit the Save Dumers Lane Facebook page, email or text 07531753458.