STAFF at Bury Council celebrated individuals and teams who work tirelessly to make Bury a great place to live, work and visit.

In last week’s annual staff awards, staff who go the extra mile in delivering good public services were recognised.

Pat Jones-Greenhalgh, interim chief executive, spoke of her gratitude.

She said: “Quality and standards are integral to achieving our goals and it’s incredibly heart-warming to hear the ‘whatever it takes’ stories which I believe reflect the personality of Bury Council.

"The pride our staff take in their work is clear and it’s important to recognise and show appreciation for the dedicated efforts of our workforce and volunteers. What we have achieved over the past year is truly remarkable.

"Our goal is to build ‘a better Bury’ and it’s everyone’s collective efforts that enable us to do that.”

Nominations for Bury Council’s Special Thanks and Recognition Awards (STAR) were open to the public as well as staff to vote for anybody who is employed by or who volunteers for Bury Council.

Award winners:

Mike Kelly Award - the most prestigious award, to recognise a truly exceptional employee Winner: Chris Woodhouse

Resources & Regulation - Team award

Winner: Business Rates and Council Tax Team

Resources & Regulation - Individual award

Winner: Janet Ingham

Communities & Wellbeing - Team award

Winner: Reablement Team

Communities & Wellbeing - Individual award

Winner: Nev Keyworth

Children, Young People & Culture - Team award

Winner: Data Team

Children, Young People & Culture - Individual award

Winner: Kirsty Walton

Volunteer of the year award

Winners: Julia Rowlands and Frank Kershaw from Porch Boxes – Bury Food Bank, who provide crisis packs of food and toiletries for local people in urgent need.

Partnership award

Winner: Lee Buggie

Learner of the year

Winner: Mark Kilby