A PODCAST featuring a former Bury FC player is taking the charts by storm.

Undr the Cosh, created by Chris Brown a veteran Bolton comedy writer and Wanderers supporter, combines in depth retrospective discussions about the footballing world with plenty of laughs along the way.

Co-hosted by Mr Brown, former Bury FC, Preston North End and Sunderland forward Chris Brown and his Doncaster and Preston team mate and current York City forward Jon Parkin, the podcast emerged out of plans to make a documentary about how footballers deal with career ending injury.

Now, thanks to the hosts' on air chemistry, the bi-monthly show, which launched on February 25, has been shooting up the UK podcast charts — even knocking Gary Neville's Sky Sports programme out of the top five.

Mr Brown said: "Undr the Cosh is a chance to hear what it is really like to be a professional football player and god knows how these two managed it.”

Mr Parkin added: "Doing this gives the fans an insight into what a footballer's life is actually like and the ups and downs of it.

"You'll get to hear stories about people in football you wouldn't normally hear."

Each fortnight the hosts cover topics from being role models to the mental strains of injury, and the pressures of the game, alongside insightful and juicy stories from players lives.

The podcast also features a guest ex-player raided from the address books of Mr Brown and Mr Parkin.

The show's first guest was former Stoke City right back Andy Griffin, and in the coming weeks guests will include ex-Swindon striker Billy Paynter and ex-Leeds and Liverpool midfielder Dominic Matteo.

Mr Brown said: "The podcast's reception has been fantastic. There are other podcasts out there that are interview based but the word that has been used more than any other about Undr the Cosh is honesty.

"Jon and Chris are down to earth lads, and I think that resonates with fans. And we can crack a joke which helps. Hopefully it's onwards and upwards."