A NEIGHBOURHOOD security meeting has been organised following a number of burglaries in Ainsworth.

Residents are holding a Neighbourhood Security Meeting at the Duke William Inn, Ainsworth.

The gathering follows the launch of a Whatsapp group for residents in Ainsworth, Broomfield, Bradley Fold and surrounding areas, to share about incidents and warn each other to be vigilant.

Councillor Jamie Walker, who will be in attendance, said: "Residents are concerned about burglaries and thefts in the area.

"It is great that the community is coming together on this and helping each other.

"The council and the police are taking this seriously.

"Hopefully we can put measures in place to improve the situation."

Residents will look at what they and the council can do, at what the police are doing, at home security measures, and forming a committee.

The organiser, who did not want to be named, said: "The support for this so far has been amazing. Let's maintain the momentum and make Ainsworth a safe and happy place for our families."

The meeting will start at 7.30pm on Thursday.