A RAMSBOTTOM pub landlord has published his first collection of poems.

Steven Taylor, who runs The Brook pub, in Bolton Road West, held a launch party to celebrate the release of the book, Reflections, at the pub earlier this month.

Mr Taylor used to run comedy clubs around the North West, and also worked as a compere at shows.

During that time, he worked alongside Salford bard John Cooper Clarke, who he cites as a big influence, as well as Hovis Presley, John Hegley and several comedians, including Peter Kay.

For the past 28 years, he has been the landlord at The Brook, and began working on the book in his spare time two years ago.

Amongst those to attend the launch on Sunday, June 3 was actor and comedian Bernard Wrigley.

Although Mr Taylor’s work has appeared in various publications over the years, Reflections is his first published collection, and contains about 100 new poems.

He said: “I have always written poems, but it is only recently that I have collected them.

“I would post stuff on Facebook occasionally and people read it and said I should put them in a book.”

And that is exactly what he did.

He says the wide range of poems he selected cover ‘life, love, nostalgia, politics and comic observations, and are written with humour and honesty’.

He added: “There is a lot of nostalgia in there and stuff about Bury and where I live.

“There are also some rants about things that annoy me, as well some about comedy and love. It is very varied.”

Of the 100 copies Mr Taylor had printed, about 70 have already been sold in less than two weeks, including copies shipped to Australia, New York and Mexico.

“I never thought for a minute that I’d sell so many but we might be able to print some more,” he said.

“I’m already working on another book and am up to about page 60.”

Reflections can be purchased through his Facebook page ‘Steven P. Taylor-Poetry’ or from The Brook for £6.95.

It can be posted for an additional £1.40.