A TORY activist has slammed Bury North MP James Frith over the Labour Party's handling of its raging antisemitism crisis.

Bury Conservative Association member Robert Largan has criticised Mr Frith concerning his response to the issue in Bury and nationally, in a vocal letter to the MP's office.

In the letter Mr Largan urged Mr Frith to make it clear he supports the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, including all given examples.

He also asked the Bury North MP to confirm what action he would be taking to pressure Labour's National Executive Committee to change their decision regarding the party's definition of antisemitism.

Mr Largan said: "James Frith promised to call out antisemitism wherever it is seen and heard.

"However, despite numerous incidents within his own local Labour Party and repeated requests for him to comment, he has refused to do so. That's why I had no choice but to write to him formally.

"Politics is about showing leadership and standing up for what is right, not keeping your head down and staying silent."

In the letter to the Bury North MP, Mr Largan said that he had contacted Mr Frith publicly on social media several times over alleged incidents of antisemitism in the Bury Labour Party, but had received no reply.

Mr Largan said that Mr Frith had failed to respond when invited to comment on an alleged incident of antisemitism committed by two Bury Labour councillors on Twitter, in March this year.

He also claimed he had failed "to take appropriate action" in response to a Bury North Labour Party member retweeting an account which allegedly claims that Israel was responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks, in June.

And he further criticised Mr Frith for not answered requests to comment on interviews conducted by Jeremy Corbyn on Iranian state television last month ­— which he claimed advanced "a conspiracy theory that "the hand of Israel" was behind violence in Egypt".

Mr Largan said: "After many months of refusing to engage on the issue and deleting any Facebook comments from the public questioning him, I'm disappointed that James Frith has simply refused to comment on the numerous incidents within Bury Labour Party.

"He promised to call out antisemitism "wherever it is seen and heard", but he has failed this most basic test.

"He'd rather bury his head in the sand than dare to criticise Jeremy Corbyn or members of Bury Labour Party."

Mr Frith has now responded to Mr Largan's allegations on a formal letter to the activist.

Mr Frith wrote: "I’m sorry you feel I haven’t responded to your comments on social media - I always prioritise corresponding with my constituents ahead of people who do not live in my constituency.

"However, I am very happy to confirm - as I have done so previously - that I condemn antisemitism in the strongest possible terms and support the IHRA definition in full, including its examples.

"Where anyone is found engaging in antisemitism they should be reported to the proper authorities."