POLICE have lodged an objection to the transfer of a licence to sell alcohol due to concerns the applicant is not a “fit and proper person” to hold one.

Khyiam Alam has applied for the Killon Street Off Licence premises licence, currently held by Raja Navved Aijaz, to be assigned to him.

But a report from PC John Caulfied to Bury Council licensing chiefs has raised strong doubts over his suitability to run a premises which sells alcohol.

It says that, in August, Mr Alam was arrested for driving erratically along Bury New Road in Whitefield - and when stopped by officers a can of alcohol was found in the footwell of the car.

He failed a breathalyser test but failed to appear in court after being bailed, leading to a warrant for his arrest being issued.

He was arrested later in August and banned from driving for 14 months. And in July police and trading standards officers visited the Price Street premises as part of a “multi-agency day of action”.

They found 18-year-old Ali Umair manning the counter, who told officers that the owner of the shop was “Alam Khiyam”.

Trading Standards officer Kelly Halligan discovered an amount of illicit tobacco in the back of the shop, which was seized for testing and confirmed as counterfeit.

PC Caulfield’s report adds: “Also discovered was a half consumed bottle of vodka and a large quantity of small snap bags commonly associated with drug supply.

“Although Greater Manchester Police acknowledges it is not an offence to sell or own these, I would question whether the premises is promoting the crime and disorder licensing objective by having these in such quantity.”

Killon Street Superstore has one registered director — Amreen Alam — whom police understand is related to Khiyam Alam, indicating he has been involved in the business since April.

PC Caulfield’s report adds: “It is the conclusion of the chief constable that Mr Alam will not be an appropriate person to hold a premises licence certificate. The applicant has already demonstrated he is unlikely to support the crime and disorder licensing objective by his recent alcohol related conviction and failure to surrender to justice.

The application will be considered on Friday, August 31.