By Peter Devine

STACEY Solomon is joining in with 'a bloody brilliant idea' to help girls in Bury.

The Red Box Project, which provides sanitary products to young girls, will host the Bloody Big Brunch with the TV celebrity at Manchester’s Tribeca Bar, Sackville Gardens (M1 3WF) on Saturday, September 8, from noon to 4pm.

Ms Solomon said: “This is a cause I’m really passionate about supporting. I’ve been told off on social media because I’ll talk openly about all the realities of periods – from spots to mood swings to the hazards of being caught out while wearing white jeans!

“But for so many other women, having a period is even worse because they can’t afford access to products.

“I think the Bloody Big Brunch is a bloody brilliant way to get more people talking about it and helping to end period poverty. I also like a cheeky Bloody Mary, what can I say?”

Bury co-ordinator Lisa Street the coordinator for the Bury branch runs it on a voluntary basis to ensure that young girls at local schools across Greater Manchester are supplied with tampons and sanitary products.

Lisa set up the project after reading about young women missing out on their education and thought it is just plain wrong that ‘period poverty’ exists in a first world country.

Lisa said: “The Bloody Big Brunch is a brilliant initiative to get people together to talk and help end period poverty whilst drinking Bloody Marys. I am looking forward to meeting like-minded organisations from across Greater Manchester such as Crimson Wave and Every Month Manchester”.

“As one of the projects benefitting from the Bloody Big Brunch I’d love if you can all come and join us. Exchange a pack of sanitary pads for a Bloody Mary – what’s not to love!”

The Red Box Project Bury is completely dependent on donations and volunteers. To find out more visit: