THE World Black Pudding Throwing Championships return to Ramsbottom this weekend.

Hundreds of pudding lobbers from around the world are expected to descend on the town for the annual contest, which sees competitors hurl the local delicacy onto a 20ft-high plinth in a bid to dislodge a dozen Yorkshire puddings.

Participants have three attempts to knock down as many as possible, and all throws must be underarm. The person who manages to knock the most off will then take home a prize of £100.

The event kicks off on Sunday outside The Oaks pub in Bridge Street, starting at 11am, with the finals expected to take place at 4pm.

Youngsters can also take part in the junior competition, with the plinth raised slightly lower at 10ft, for a prize of £20.

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There are plenty of other festivities for those not participating, including an outdoor bar, children’s rides, and Pudfest, a local music festival, which will be held in The Oaks.

Black pudding throwing is said to date back to the War of the Roses, where legend has it that during the final battle in Stubbins, the troops ran out of ammunition and resorted to throwing food at each other.

Black pudding was thrown by the Lancashire troops, while Yorkshire pudding were thrown by their counterparts.

A decision was made to bring back the tradition by Stubbins Community Trust in 1984 and it has been a popular event ever since.

Entry is £1, with proceedings going to charity.