FIRE crews have again urged residents to ensure that roads are accessible to emergency service vehicles after they were delayed in attending another incident due to double parked cars.

Crews were called to attend a faulty electrical intake at a property in Acres Street, Tottington, at around 10.30pm last night.

The issue had caused a boiler cupboard to become filled with smoke, and required attention from the electricity provider, prompting the owner to call 999.

However as fire crews approached the property they were delayed by double parked cars.

Bury Community Fire Station watch manager Steve Wilcox said: "When we were attending this incident we did struggle to get up the road due to double parking.

"Owing to the difficulty of gaining access we are asking people to park sensibly to allow the fire service access to your road.

"Please be mindful, you never know when the fire service is going to be required, and if we cannot get through it is going to impair our attendance times."