A PLAYSCHEME to keep children occupied over the summer months has been deemed ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted.

The Tottington Holiday Playscheme, which operates during July and August, at both Tottington High School and the Laurel Play Centre, failed to impress an inspector who was measuring three key indicators in the running of the scheme.

The playscheme, which has been going for more than 35 years, failed two key indicators, namely personal development behaviour and welfare and on effectiveness of leadership and management. 

The one measure it was deemed ‘good’ in was the quality of teaching, learning and assessment. 

However, the inspector said the quality of provision overall was inadequate at last month’s inspection.

They said: “The provider has addressed the actions from the last inspection (in 2015), however, breaches in requirements from previous inspections have recurred. 

“This demonstrates a poor capacity to improve. Rigorous checks have not been carried out to ensure the suitability of the members of the management committee. All the required information has not been provided to Ofsted, preventing the necessary checks being carried out.”

According to the inspector, the playscheme provider had not ensured that checks on suitability were made for all volunteers, aged 16 and over, or that volunteers whose suitability had not been checked are always supervised when with children 

Individual children are sometimes escorted between buildings when they need to use the toilets. 

Records of staff training were inaccurate, with a member of staff who had a current first-aid certificate, with the provider being unaware she had not completed the training. Only one member of staff held a valid paediatric first-aid certificate. 

Parents said children enjoyed a wide range of activities supported well by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers and said they were happy with the care and activities provided for their children.

Ofsted has issued a Welfare Notice, which requires the playscheme provider to supply information so that Ofsted can carry out suitability checks on it management committee, ensure that those people aged over 17 who have never had their suitability checked are never left unsupervised with children.

Bury Council have been approached for comment.