October 12, 1968

BURY motorists have narrowly avoided a dry weekend as stocks of petrol and oil dwindled in local garages.

Earlier this week prospects of replenishment had looked uncertain due to a continuing strike by tanker drivers and picketing of petrol stations.

The borough's biggest firms were also feeling the pinch fearing that the weekend could be critical after some had already halted production and laid off staff.

Several garages had to close, and rationing restrictions were put in place, but thankfully panic buying was avoided.

However by Friday it appeared that the crisis has been averted as most drivers involved in the strike returned to work.

Bury's industry and garages have now said the picture is improving but are unsure when they will return to business as normal or begin to bite back into the backlog of orders.

Deliveries also came just in time for some of the town's service stations, and the situation has been described as "definitely improving".

A RUNNING track has become so potholed that a new association has been formed to improve facilities for Bury's young athletes.

Parents of children who use the cinder Market Street track have complained that it is potholed and uneven, that there is no shelter within easy reach, no toilet facilities and no floodlighting.

The complaints come as many of those who use the track have suffered from sprained ankles due to the state of the cinder blocks.

It is believed the damage to the track has been caused by cars driving on it when football matches are played there at the weekend.

A Bury Athletic's Club Supporters Association has now been formed to raise money towards the cost of a new track and improved facilities, and the group has already purchased a minibus to take club members to meetings.

A FOX-hunter had to be rescued when he was buried alive by falling rocks, on a hunt at the quarry near to Wayoh Brow.

Mr Gordon Richardson was out hunting with his brother-in-law and two friends when dog his dog disappeared down a hole. As he went after it, rocks and rubble suddenly cascaded on top of him.

He was eventually freed by firefighters, police officers and volunteers after three hours.