FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning about the hazards of plug-in air-fresheners after a house fire was started by one.

A fire crew had the put out a fire started when an air-freshener was covered by a pile of clothing, causing fire and smoke damage to the property.

Crew manager James Cheverton from Whitefield fire station said: "People should not have combustibles on top of plug in air-fresheners because there is an electrical risk and a combustible risk."

Mr Cheverton and his crew had been called to a home in Roeburn Walk, Whitefield yesterday at 4.50pm.

The occupant had been able to put the fire out themselves said Mr Cheverton and the crew made sure there was no further risk and used fans to ventilate the home.

Mr Cheverton said the landing had been damaged by the fire and there was smoke damage to the rest of the property.