THE Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is a 20-year plan to set out the future of Greater Manchester’s housing, employment and environment.

It has been hampered by setbacks since a first draft was unveiled in October, 2016.

The plan was taken back to the drawing board after more than 27,000 responses came in from the public and has been an ongoing project for Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and the GMCA.

Mr Burnham’s mission has been to build on brownfield before greenbelt. He has pledged that there will be “no net greenbelt loss”.

The latest setback has been put down to the Office for National Statistics population figures which were lower than expected.

That development prompted calls for the amount of housing included in the plan to be reduced.

However, the Government has launched a consultation into the population figures, prompting speculation that the GMCA will have to use the old figures.

Another draft plan is expected in 2019, which will be put out to consultation. So after almost three years, significant progress has not been made.