IF your knee pops out on the bus who better to be sitting next to than a First Aid expert who’s experienced the same thing?

That is what happened to a teen-aged girl who dislocated her knee cap after boarding the 498 bus from Tottington to Bury yesterday.

Fortunately for her, Thomas Hall was sitting next to her and used his First Aid skills to pop her knee back into place.

“I’d done a First Aid course in dislocation at Bury Adult Learning Centre and, having dislocated my own knee a while ago, I knew exactly what to do,” he said.

Thomas, 26, of Booth Street, Tottington, added: “She boarded the bus the stop after me and as she walked to the back she stumbled. Her foot went one way and her knee went the other way.

“She was in tears so I held her hand and explained my experience. I told her that it was going to hurt but on the count of three she needed to push her leg back while I pressed her knee back into place with my thumb.”

It was a successful manipulation and afterwards Lucy, the 17-year-old girl, threw her arms around Thomas in thanks.

“Another passenger had alerted the bus driver who contacted the ambulance service. When they arrived they said I’d done a good job but took her to Fairfield Hospital for a check.”

Thomas visited Lucy at hospital later in the day and, after receiving gas and air, Lucy was able to leave.

“I’m just glad I could help,” he said.