AN ENTERPRISING and dedicated Bury businesswoman and mother has turned her hand from managing an award-winning events company and running her family to contribute to a number one best selling book series.

Debbie Marks, director of Qube Events, in Heaton Fold, has penned a chapter for the new Mumpreneur On Fire 4 compilation.

Pronounced 'mum-pruh-nur' the term encompasses a mother nurturing an entrepreneurial streak, while juggling a busy home and family life.

The book features 25 inspiring stories from Mumpreneurs from across the globe, all of whom have overcome amazing struggles such as domestic violence, drug abuse and trauma to soar to their successful heights today.

In her chapter Ms Marks shares her story, from the adversity she faced as a child and teenager, to now running her own successful and award-winning business; alongside being a mum to two daughters.

Ms Marks said: "Across the UK, the meteoric rise of Mumpreneurs is noticeably prevalent, as demonstrated by the growth in online women in business groups and forums. Women are looking to each other for inspiration and guidance. I've grown my business in Bury and its a huge honour to be part of the this journey."

The book has already proven a runaway success, hitting the number one spot on Amazon's Small Business and Entrepreneurship category, and number three in the Hot New Release Chart, on the first day of its release.

It is published by the Mums in Business Association, an international group which has swelled to more than 31,000 members in little over one year.

The association aims to bring women, and in particular mothers, together to use their collective energy to fuel a movement of self-awareness, inspiration and camaraderie.