LEADERS from across the borough are to take part in a civic trip to Poland to experience and strengthen Bury's connection to the Holocaust.

Over three days the 35-strong group will visit remembrance sites in Warsaw and Krakow, in the first civic excursion of its kind led by a local authority.

Due to depart next week, the trip has been organised by Whitefield Hebrew Congregation and Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag, in association with Bury Council.

Rabbi Guttentag said: “This visit demonstrates the commitment Bury Council, local voluntary organisations and faith groups has shown towards forging a strong commitment with the Jewish Community.

"A trip such as this helps to educate and highlight the brutality and inhumanity of the Holocaust, which should never be forgotten, and ensures we commit to building a safer better future.”

The trip was proposed by the former council chief executive Pat Jones-Greenhalgh in recognition of the borough's17 year's of support for Holocaust Memorial Day.

It also aims to help people in Bury to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust and their significance for the borough's Jewish residents, and better understand genocides around the world.

Through this it hoped the visit will grow the numbers of people involved in Holocaust education work in Bury.

Among those taking part in the trip are The Mayor of Bury, councillor Jane Black, and councillors Tamoor Tariq and Nicholas Jones.

They will be joined by members of the police and NHS, including Chief Inspector Jaime Collins, Sergeant Abs Hussein and CCG chairman Dr Jeff Schryer; as well as members of the voluntary sector and community groups.

Once in the Poland the group will be guided by experienced Holocaust educator Jeremy Kurnedz, who is the son of a Holocaust survivor, from Whitefield.

Cllr Black said she is "honoured" to be taking part in this "special trip". adding: "Bury remembers the Holocaust annually, as do many schools and faith groups. We hope that this visit will widen the number of people involved in holocaust education and create a lasting legacy."