COMPLAINTS have been made about a reoccurring, "mounting" pile of rubbish in a back alley.

Residents living in Albion Street, Radcliffe, raised the alarm with Bury Council after rubbish was dumped in the backstreet behind their homes last year.

Council officers responded to their concerns and cleaned up the mess, which had attracted rats to the neighbourhood.

However, now tenants are calling for further action to be taken after dozens of bags have accumulated in the same location, in a cobbled alley between Albion Street and Rupert Street, in recent months.

Stacey Anderson, aged 41 of Albion Street, said: "Rubbish is pouring into the street. It is horrendous.

"Last year my cat was bringing rats home. We were also seeing them, dead and alive, on the backstreet during the day. It attracts flies as well.

"The council came and dealt with it before but it is going to start again with all the rubbish collecting outside.

"There are dozens of bin bags. There has been dirty nappies, food waste, all sorts of household rubbish that should be in a black bin. It is disgusting."

Photos show that bottles, cans and other general waste has been dumped in the backstreet.

Dozens of people have taken to social media to voice their complaints about the "persistent" problem, with some labelling it a "disgrace."

One resident wrote: "Where’s people’s pride gone. How disgraceful. If this is fly-tipping my heart goes out to the people in the houses that have to put up with this disgraceful state."

Another wrote: "It's disgusting — how people can leave such a mess, presumably near someone else's homes rather than their own. No one should have to put up with this."

Bury Council said the area was known to them as a hotspot for fly-tipping.

A Bury Council spokeswoman said: "Bury Council take fly-tipping and waste management seriously.

"If people do not use their wheelie bins properly or they dump waste then we do take action and prosecute if possible.

"This area of Radcliffe is a known hotspot and is being monitored.

"Residents should report those who are spoiling the environment in order to help us take action."