AS Bury FC are hit with another winding-up order, it has emerged that club employees are yet to be paid their March wages.

The partner of someone within the first team set-up told the Bury Times that staff and players at the club are still awaiting payment from the League Two club.

She claimed it was not the first time this year that there had been delays over wage payment, and the situation had left her partner, and others at the club, “worried sick”.

The source added: “It is absolute chaos at the moment.

“These people cannot carry on working like that. We are struggling to pay our bills and the club are expecting them to turn up and work in these conditions. There are players that cannot afford to pay their mortgages.”

Despite the problems, The Shakers took to the field on Tuesday night as they were defeated 3-0 by Cambridge United.

It is understood that players were told they would receive their wages today.

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“They have gone in not knowing when they will get paid next,” said the source.

“Morale is terrible at the moment, my partner is struggling to sleep at night and is on medication.

“They do not want to walk away when the team is doing so well, but how are they supposed to survive when the club is living hand to mouth?

“This is meant to be a so-called community club.”

The club has been approached for comment.