A FIREFIGHTER has warned homeowners to be careful with their ovens after crews found a woman asleep in a smoke-logged flat.

At around 6.00am this morning, emergency services were called to a new flat at the end of Wharf Road, Bury, after a neighbour heard a fire alarm.

Steve Wilcock, crew manager at Bury fire station, said firefighters found the property filling with smoke when they arrived.

He explained that crews had made their way into the flat and found the woman, 27, sleeping while the smoke spread.

"She had put some food on and fallen asleep," he said. "If she had been out much longer she could have been hospitalised"

Mr Wilcock went on to praise the neighbour who had called the fire service after smelling the smoke and hearing an alarm

He said: "Smoke alarms are great and they save lives but for whatever reason this person missed that one going off so the neighbour ringing in was really important."

The woman was not seriously injured in the incident.