JOIN the Bury Times as we travel back 50 years to the headlines on April 19, 1969, when a new school, plans for "swinging" youth services, and forged fivers were the talk of the town. BRAD MARSHALL takes a look back in the archives...

MORE than 250 Bury pupils moved into their new school on Monday after leaving their 100-year-old Manchester Road premises for the last time.

The new St Peter's Primary School, in Whitefield Road, is certainly a far cry from the old building, and this week pupils have been settling down to a new routine in their spacious surroundings

The children have also been enjoying the school's large play area and well-equipped PE hall, and for the first time the school's headmaster has his own room in the building, as have the staff.

The school also has its own kitchens, from where children are anticipating an endless supply of chips.

Their former school building will now be converted into an all-purpose community centre.

It is hoped that the centre will be completed by September, 1970, but for the time being the building will be used as a lunch and social club for the elderly, and a preschool playgroup.

A SWINGING new youth service for Bury's young people of the "seventies" has been given the green light.

Plans approved by the Education Committee envisage seven-nights-a-week civic youth clubs run by full time by leaders, leisure centres built on the lines of adult clubs, Dutch barn type recreation accommodation, and an activities centre with hostel facilities.

Future youth clubs would also be purpose built and designed for both young and community use, including floodlit playing areas.

A 15-year-old boy was burned in an explosion while experimenting with a "do-it-yourself" chemistry set bought as a birthday present.

The youngster was experiments with small bottles of chemicals, matches and wire on a dining table in his front room when the incident happened.

The explosion set fire to his trousers and ignited a chair.

Bury Fire Brigade and an ambulance were called to the house and the boy was rushed to Bury General Hospital with burns to his leg,

Hospital staff said he is now in a "satisfactory" condition.

POLICE are on the hunt for a man after he used a forged £5 note to buy 20 cigarettes.

At around 5pm on Wednesday a tall ginger-haired man went into the tobacconists of Mr W Hesten in Bolton Street, Ramsbottom, and bought a packet of cigarettes with what appeared to be a £5 note.

He was served by Mr Hesten's wife, however, the forgery was not noticed until after the till was emptied that evening.

Mr Hesten said that the note was a good forgery, and added that it appeared to be a photostatic copy with colour added.

Bury Police are investigating and have warned shopkeepers to be on the look out for the man.

A THREATENED strike by 900 Bury engineers has been averted after last minute talks.

The engineers, from three works of the Walmersley Group, are members of the Amalgamated Union of Engineering and Foundry Workers and had been in dispute with management over overtime, wage structure and recognition of a shop stewards' committee as a negotiating body.

Following the consultations on Wednesday morning a ban on overtime was waived and the management agreed to recognise the committee.

A further meeting is planned for next week.