THE electorate is faced with a bewildering choice of which political party to elect at the forthcoming council elections.

We have on the one hand the Conservative Party, led by Theresa May, soon to step down, who serially changes her red lines ­— ‘I will not call an election’ then does, ‘We leave on March 29 …’, ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’, etc ­— leaving her party completely split.

Then we have the Labour Party, led by a man of the far left who thinks the governance of Venezuela is a role model for the UK and whose party is mired in anti-Semitism.

Finally, we have Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal party, about to retire, who is pushing for another referendum hoping enough of my generation will be dead by then, allowing the country to vote to remain in the EU.

It is a choice of no hopers and their parties and none of which are fit to represent this country.

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