FIRE crews were called to a blaze at a business courtyard in Radcliffe after a vehicle was engulfed in flames.

Smoke was seen issuing from the Station Works site in Bury Road where a former Royal Mail lorry was on fire.

The truck is owned by commercial vehicle dealer and exporter MD Commercials, who rent the site.

Residents reported seeing a group of youths running away from the area after the incident on Sunday night.

Three fire engines were called to the blaze shortly after 8.30pm.

Resident Karen Pitt said: "I saw a fire that appeared to be coming from one of the vans at the old General Engineering site. There was lots of black smoke.

"A couple of fire engines attended and crews gained access to the site in order to put out the fire."

Other residents took to social media to comment on the fire, with some speculating that youths had set fire to one of the vans.

One wrote: "One of my neighbours said he had seen five lads running down the street, looking over their shoulders and laughing.

Another posted: "Three fire engines in Bury Road....vans on the former General Engineering site are on fire."

Several people raised concerns over vandalism at the site and a number commented about van doors and windows being smashed.

A comment on the Spotted: Radcliffe Facebook page read: "The vans were also smashed up a couple of days ago."

Karen Pitt said: "I caught three young lads playing in them last month. The doors were not locked on the one they were in. These vans are a playground for kids. The windows get smashed so they can open the doors."

Another posted: "They were smashing the windows the other day."

The site was previously occupied by the General Engineering factory, which had to be demolished following a huge fire in August 2012, which destroyed the adjoining warehouse.

The Bury Times has contacted Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.