A HOUSE was damaged after a vehicle left the road and careened through a bush before smashing into the front of the property.

Emergency services were called to the collision in Sergeants Lane, Whitefield.

A red Seat Ibiza had veered off the road and continued across a resident's front lawn before crashing into the exterior wall of a living room.

Police, fire crews from Whitefield and a specialist Technical Response Unit (TRU) from Ashton attended the incident shortly after 3.45pm on Saturday.

Tim Eaton, watch manager at Whitefield fire station, said: "The vehicle had hit the property wall and bounced off, causing significant damage. A radiator inside the living room had broken off the wall.

"The occupier was not at home.

"Sergeants Lane is a quiet residential area. The road is a dead-end. There are often children out playing in that area so this could have been far more serious.

"The car had gone through low-level shrubbery, right across the garden and ploughed into the house.

"We made an assessment of the house. It did not look very safe so we called for our technical response unit. We also request building control teams at Bury Council.

"They advised that it was not safe to go into the front bedroom or downstairs living room. However, the house did not appear in danger of collapsing.

"We used paratech struts to support the upper floor of the detached property. We supported the floor and the lintel of the bay window."

Crews installed acrow props, which are used in the construction industry as a form of temporary structural support.

They remained in attendance for about two hours.

A spokeswoman for Bury Council said: "Our building control team inspected the property following the incident. While there is no risk of collapse, there is damage to the front bay window and surrounding brickwork. The lintel of the window has been propped internally and externally.

"A dangerous building notice has been served to the owners, and we have advised them which parts of the home should and should not be accessed.

"We will assist them further where possible as the situation develops."