A HOSPITAL bus driver has come under fire for knocking down a woman while pulling into a bus stop – and then failing to get out of his seat to see if she was OK.

An investigation was launched into the incident which took place when a free shuttle service connecting East Lancashire’s three hospitals was driven on Briercliffe Road in Burnley on Wednesday afternoon.

Video footage of the incident shows two women walking along the pavement close to the Supersave Mini Market before the shuttle bus pulls in to the side of the road.

At this point the woman walking closest to the road, but still on the pavement, wearing dark jeans and a parka coat, is hit by the bus and sent flying.

The woman she was with then rushes to her aid checking to see if she is injured before helping her to her feet.

The woman steadies herself before limping away from the bus with her friend. But just seconds later she stops, turns around and walks back towards the bus which is still waiting at the stop. She can then be seen talking to the driver for a couple of seconds while moving her arms around in the air.

At no stage does the bus driver make any attempt to step out of the vehicle to check if she is OK.

The two women then once again walk away from the bus.

East Lancashire Hospitals Trust offers the free bus, which is operated by a third party, to all staff, patients and hospital visitors.

There are various pick-up points around the loop which connects the Royal Blackburn Hospital, Burnley General Hospital and Pendle Community Hospital.

Burnley Liberal Democrat leader Gordon Birtwistle said he was appalled by the actions of the bus driver.

He said: “He approached an area where a pedestrian should feel safe.

“The hospital trust need to thoroughly investigate this matter to find out what was going on with the bus driver and appropriate action must be taken.”

An anonymous bystander added: “The driver didn’t even leave his seat to see if the woman was OK.”

James Maguire, divisional director of estates and facilities at East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, said the trust was aware on an incident involving a shuttle bus in Burnley.

He said: “We understand that the bus operator has investigated the incident and taken appropriate action. We hope the pedestrian involved has sought appropriate medical advice and we wish them well.”

The trust was unable to confirm which operator they have contracted to run the service.