A NEW mural is causing a stir in a Prestwich street leaving residents divided about its future.

The mural has been painted on fencing in Downham Gardens and depicts bees flying through a blue-skied meadow with a city skyline in the background.

It was created by the artist Kelzo after being commissioned by blogger and social media entrepreneur Hugo MacQueenie, who lives in the street, in a bid to brighten up the area.

Lifelong Prestwich resident, Mr MacQueenie, said: “The street I live in is not one of the best.

“There’s always something going on, police, drugs, windows being smashed; and me and a couple of neighbours felt like we were being ignored.

“The idea behind the mural was to just try and improve the quality of life in the street and make the people who care fell like we are doing something.”

Determined to do something positive for his community Mr MacQueenie set about gaining approval for the mural from Six Town Housing and then paid for the painting of the artwork out of his own pocket.

The mural has so far received a largely positive reception and has proven popular with many residents in the street and beyond.

However it has not all be rosy, with some other householders taking issue with the artwork.

Mr MacQueenie said: “It has had a great reaction on Facebook and people have driven from all to come and see it and take pictures with it.

“Overnight it has become a tourist attraction.

“However some people have said that they wouldn’t want that at the end of their street, some have said it looks tacky, and one man has said it looks like a fair ground.”

So far, despite a few objections, the mural has remained and following a Six Town Housing consultation with residents Mr MacQueenie said: "As far as I know we are going to keep it."

He is also hoping the mural will become a tourist trap for people taking photos as they head to the Parklife music festival at nearby Heaton Park this summer.

A spokesman for Six Town Housing said: “We will be working with residents in the community so they can decide what they would like to do with the mural going forward.”