THE new mayor told children he wants them to lead the way in saving the planet.

Cllr Trevor Holt addressed young people directly at the annual mayor making ceremony in the town hall yesterday.

The veteran councillor made the comments as he was appointed Mayor of Bury for the second time in his 36-year career.

He said: "I’ve become aware recently how concerned you are about the threat to our dear blue planet and how concerned and passionate you are about encouraging people of my generation to take things a bit more seriously. I’m not sure we’ve looked after the planet perhaps the way we should, but I know you feel strongly that that’s what should happen.

"So what I’d like to say is that you can show us the way and I would like to consult as many young people as much as I can to make people aware of the threat to our planet.”

He promised to work with the chief executive of the council to raise awareness of the issue.

The Labour member, who is the second-longest serving councillor in Bury, will be joined by his wife Evelyn as mayoress.

He told the packed council chamber that she will try to raise awareness of celiac disease this year.

He said: "Evelyn is a celiac and that means she has a totally gluten-free diet. Evelyn’s objective during the year is to raise the profile. Things are getting better but they’re not quite there yet.”

The new mayor's chosen charities for the year are Bury Hospice and Buddy's for Children with Autism.

Outgoing mayor Jane Black raised almost £15,000 for The Fed and Grace's Place over the last year.

She also announced that every mayor for the next ten years will receive £1,500 to kickstart their fundraising using unspent funds sitting in the council's charity account for decades.

Colleagues sung the praises of both Cllr Black and Cllr Holt's at the civic ceremony attended by friends and family.

Cllr Holt finished his acceptance speech by expressing his love and pride for the borough.

He said: “I’ve lived all my life in Bury. I love Bury, I love the people. I love the town. I have nothing to compare it with because I’ve never lived anywhere else. But Evelyn and I lived in Rochdale for six months. We didn’t like it so we came back."

There will be a service honouring the new mayor at Guardian Angels church in Harvey Street at 11.30am on Sunday.