CAMPAIGNERS are preparing for their “big day in Parliament” after a breakthrough in their fight for a new law which would see cat owners informed if their pet is killed on the road.

Cat lover Heléna Abrahams, who lives in Fairfield, Bury, will travel to London for a debate in Parliament on Monday, June 17.

In March, Miss Abrahams’s perseverance paid off after her third petition in memory of her cat Gizmo accrued more than 100,000 signatures, meaning it would be considered for debate.

Miss Abrahams first launched her campaign, 'Gizmo's Legacy', in 2016 after her beloved cat Gizmo was killed in July 2016.

Gizmo was cremated without her knowledge after being hit by a car.

The 48-year-old has dedicated the last three years of her life to re-uniting dead and injured cats with their owners.

The date has now been set for the proposed new law to be discussed by MPs.

Scottish MP Martyn Day will lead the debate which follows calls for a change in law, for councils to scan dead and injured cats.

Wendy Andrews, from Moston, who has supported the campaign and who will also travel to London, said: “We are all set to go. We are incredibly excited. We have emailed 640 MPs to raise the profile of this cause. We will be going to Downing Street to hand over the petition then we are in Parliament at 4.30pm.”