THE founders of Liv's Trust CIO — the charity set up in memory of Manchester Arena attack victim Olivia Campbell-Hardy — have been presented with an award.

Charity founder Steve Goodman, Olivia’s ‘Papa’, and his wife Sharon Goodman, who is chairwoman, have received the Ernest Kay Memorial Award for Achievement from Radcliffe Rotary Club.

President Ken Kerr said he is "in awe" of everything the Radcliffe couple has achieved in Olivia's memory.

Mr Goodman said: "Liv wanted to be a singing or dancing teacher. Now thanks to her trust she currently teaches, piano, guitar, clarinet and bagpipes, whilst also teaching street and Irish dancing, contemporary, ballet and tap.

"She would be amazed at her accomplishments and proud of her achievements and be laughing now."

Liv’s Trust CIO was launched on November 24, 2017, with what Mr Goodman had called ‘Olivia’s last birthday party'.

Since then the charity, which supports under 25s who want to pursue music and dance, has grown from strength to strength.

The trust has also set up a music room at Radcliffe Girls and Boys Club.

Several guests and trustees of Liv's Trust attended a special presentation at the Rotary Club on June 10, when Mr and Mrs Goodman received their award.

Diana Morton, the proposer, of this year's winners, spoke to those gathered about how "love had been their motivator" in setting up the charity.

The Ernest Kay Memorial Award for Achievement is given to encourage and reward the achievements of local people for their service to the community.

President Ken Kerr said: "I am in awe at the way Steve and Sharon Goodman, a pair of Radcliffe grandparents, have grown something so good and powerful from their tragic loss at the Arena in May 2017.

"I was delighted when Radcliffe Rotarians named them as the 2019 winners of the Ernest Kay Memorial Award for Achievement.

"Their achievements are personal and exceptional because they have been gained through the individual achievements of more than 15 young people from across Bury in a wide variety of music and performing arts and showcased in venues in Radcliffe, Bury and Manchester.

"Those young people trusted the strong encouragement and belief that Steve and Sharon invested first in Olivia and now in them, the growth in their confidence and skills as performers is there for all to see and admire."