A POSTIE who slotted a parcel through an open upstairs window and onto a bed when there was no reply to the doorbell was hailed a terrific shot by the impressed homeowner.

And the incredible aim - squeezing the parcel into a relatively small opening between the PVC windows - has won praise from thousands of people online.

Now, Laura Chaisty wants to meet the delivery person who managed to throw the padded envelope into her home rather than take it back to the Royal Mail sorting office.

The 27-year-old, from Faringdon in Oxfordshire, said she returned home from work to find a white Jiffy bag on her bed. The parcel, which contained gym supplements, was addressed to her fiancée, Dale.

She found a note from the Royal Mail postman who had delivered the parcel.

Bury Times:

He had written: “Your top window was wide open. I threw it in there!” He added a smiley face after the message.

“Usually, the postie puts packages by the black bin,” said Laura. “But the bedroom windows were wide open.

“It made my day. It was so funny.”

Bury Times:

Laura shared the story to social media accounts Snapchat and Facebook. The post has since been shared 7,600 times on Facebook.

She wrote: “Royal Mail has made my day.”

Laura said she was keen to find the individual responsible for the incredibly well-aimed parcel throw.

“It’s pretty impressive. He or she should definitely play basketball or cricket.

“I just wish we had CCTV on the house.”

Bury Times:

She had appealed on a Faringdon community Facebook page for the postman or woman to make themselves known.

“No one’s come forward,” said Laura.

“I’d quite like to meet the postie who did it.”

The reaction to the impressive window shot online has been universally positive.

Replying to Laura’s original social media post, one woman wrote: “Good shot.” Another said: “Epic.”

One woman was concerned for the postman’s career: “I really hope the postie who did it doesn’t get into trouble. Probably not, though. He did deliver it after all.”