A NEW campaign will see over 50s in Bury challenge stereotypes about growing older.

Members of the new group Talking About My Generation will share the stories of people aged 50 and over via a range of media, including a radio show, videos and stage performances.

The aim is to celebrate lives and people's value in society, as well as highlighting the challenges associated with ageing, and how these are being overcome.

Lesley Downing, aged 61, who is helping lead the campaign in Bury, said: “Generally older people are viewed as physically and mentally struggling in one way or another, not particularly productive in society, often requiring a lot of help.

"To change attitudes, we need to promote positive images and examples of older people as pro- active, reactive, vital, engaged in society, forward looking and invested in the future — and we hope to do this through the campaign."

Talking About My Generation Campaign will report on key issues relating to later life, from retirement and bereavement to staying active.

The campaign is part of an Ambition for Ageing project, and has received funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. It is being supported by Yellow Jigsaw and Age UK.

Grace Dyke, from Yellow Jigsaw, said: “We are at risk of sounding like a broken record when we talk about the older generation.

"It is not all purple rinses, nylon dresses, rocking chairs and mumbles of ‘back in my day.’"

For more information visit www.yellowjigsaw.co.uk/TalkingAboutMyGeneration.