A MOTHER has challenged herself to undertake a year-long sponsored walk throughout 2019.

This year, Lisa Morley intends to walk 2,019 miles before December 31 in the hope of raising £2,019 for The Christie Charitable Fund.

The conclusion of the charity effort will mark 10 years since Mrs Morley was admitted to the Christie Hospital after being diagnosed with cancer.

The 53-year-old, who lives in Tottington with husband Richard and their two daughters Hattie and Louisa, said: "This year will be 10 years since I was admitted, lost and alone, scared beyond belief and doubting my future. So many nights during that time I was fearful and tearful, wondering if I was even going to see our daughters grow up.

"If my annual check-up goes smoothly this September, I will be discharged and referred back to my own GP. I see this as a milestone for me. I want to be able to say thank you to the staff at The Christie.

"I thought it was time I did something for them."

The challenge began on January 1, and will run for 12 months, which means walking just under 40 miles each week.

However, just seven months in, Mrs Morley is completing between eight and 15 miles each day and is well ahead of her target.

An online blog has also been set up to share weekly updates and progress reports.

Mrs Morley has been walking local footpaths and routes in Ainsworth, Summerseat, Burnley and Smithills, to name a few.

Last weekend, she also undertook the Mighty Hike, to fundraise for Macmillan, with the steps counting towards her 2019 challenge.

"I have been managing to walk up to 70 miles each week", Mrs Morley said. "It is difficult fitting it in; it is all-consuming, but it is great and I am loving it."

To date, Mrs Morley has raised just over half of her overall fundraising aim of £2,019.

To read the walking diary, or donate to the cause, visit www.walkingtheyear2019.wordpress.com.