THE sixth annual Jigsaw Festival brought crowds into St Paul's Church Ramsbottom at the weekend.

There were a variety of pieces on display, some of the standouts being from Jumbo Games; Wasgij jigsaws which are particularly challenging and unique jigsaws where the image is reversed, requiring a keener eye and attention to detail, which prove to be some of the most popular jigsaws each year.

Jumbo Games also sponsored the event and gave the church free mini-puzzles to hand to people as they entered.

The event is a joint effort by the Edenfield Parish Church and St Paul’s Church, Ramsbottom and attracts many people to the church’s café, which features quality homemade baking.

Admission each year is £2 for adults, and free for readmission for the following days of the event, and free for accompanied children under 16, open from 10am to 5pm and additionally from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm on the Thursday. The Jigsaw Festival runs on the same date at the same location every year and hundreds of jigsaws are displayed each year and can be bought immediately and taken home.