A TEENAGER from Bury is leading the way in campaigning against climate change at global level.

Emma Greenwood, Bury’s Youth MP, was one of the organisers of the youth-led Global Climate Strike last Friday, which saw millions of people join in a worldwide protest.

The headgirl at Woodhey High School also appeared on The One Show on Monday night to voice her concerns about climate change.

Emma, aged 15 and who lives in Ramsbottom, said she has been inspired by Swedish school striker Greta Thunberg.

She said: "My inspiration for the strike was taking a stand for my future. In the end there is nothing more fundamental than having a safe planet to grow up on and it resonates very powerfully with me just how much we have to lose.

"I want to inspire everyone, including decision makers, to listen to the scientists and take action.

"We need less words and more action in the short time frame we have to save our planet. We need to act before it's too late and it needs to be a whole societal effort."

During The One Show episode, presenter Justin Rowlatt meets with Emma on Holcombe Moor. She voices her strong feeling about young people's involvement in campaigning for action and mobilising.

Emma joined Youth Strike 4 Climate Manchester after it was set up in February this year, and has opted to attend the strikes even on school days.

She said: “It was the platform I had been searching for. It was a place where I could take my fears and give them a voice. Getting to share the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement with such a big platform is unbelievable.”

The Global Climate Strike on Friday launched a week of global action across the world, with strike events taking place in more than 180 countries. Protestors stepped out to demand urgent action to cut emissions and stabilise the climate.

Emma said: “I took part because I want the government to start ensuring the safety of my future and in hand our planet. So far it has all been words over actions and that is not acceptable. Change is no longer an option but an obligation.”

At local level, Emma is also making a positive impact. On Sunday, the campaigner was one of a team of 60 volunteers helping Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to remove plastic pollution from the River Irwell as part of World Clean-up Day.

At her school, she has been instrumental in establishing an eco-club, renovating a green space to create a sensory garden for students and also cultivating a growing area.