EVERY DAY incredible people around the borough go the extra mile to make other’s lives better, bring communities together, inspire those around them and add some joy to people’s days. This month Bury’s superheroes will be recognised at annual awards ceremony. BRAD MARSHALL reports.

IT is now just a few short days before Bury comes together to celebrate the incredible actions of some of the borough’s most inspirational and selfless people and groups at the Pride of Bury Awards 2019.

Now in its fifth year, the awards were created by the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity (SuperJosh) to shine a light on and celebrate the actions of ordinary people with the biggest hearts, living and working in Bury.

This year dozens of heroes have been nominated in a variety of categories by their friends, neighbours and colleagues, and have now been whittled down to finalists in each who will soon be attending the prestigious finals ceremony.

Dawn Fidler, founder and CEO of The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, said: “There are many people who live and work in Bury, whose contributions to life, to teaching, to living and to caring, go un-thanked and unrecognised.

“The categories reflect the contribution made by people in everyday life, and to highlight and celebrate that which makes Bury rightfully proud.

“ We must say a huge thank you to our amazing sponsors who give so generously, without them these awards simply couldn’t happen.”

The 14 categories cover:

- Professional Caring Hero

- Teaching Hero

- Fundraising Hero

- Brave Hero

- Volunteering Hero

- Teen Hero

- Little Hero

- Family Hero

- Sporting Hero

- Little Fundraising Hero

- Caring Hero

- Community Hero

- Emergency Hero

- The Joshua Wilson Ultimate Hero

Among the incredible people and organisations hoping to be named the Pride of Bury is Lucy Howe, the community nurse for all children in Bury with complex needs.

Working tirelessly to be there for parents, Ms Howe does everything she can to give youngsters the best care possible and is always on the end of the phone ready to give support.

She is up for the Professional Caring Hero category.

Another hardworking superstar is Sergeant Abed Hussain of Greater Manchester Police’s Bury Borough who is up for the community hero award.

Sgt Abed has given up his own time to develop links between mosques, churches, synagogues and other faith and minority groups to bring people together and foster cohesion across Bury.

He has also been instrumental in developing the LGBT Rainbow Walks which bloomed into the Pride March and events held annually in the borough.

One of the younger nominees for 2019 is four-year-old Bruno Francioli who has been diagnosed with an extremely rare disorder meaning he has a developmental age of 0-3 months-old and was registered legally blind in February last year.

However Bruno can see light, and especially loves red lights, and can hear ­— although it is not known to what extent ­— getting a lot from music and cuddles with his family.

He is up for the Little Hero category.

Eco warrior Emma Greenwood is one of the nominees up for the Teen Hero award for her work fighting climate change and protecting the planet.

The Year 10 pupil from Woodhey High School is currently a Youth MP for Bury and uses her platform to defend the borough’s green spaces.

She also goes out litter picking in her spare time, as well as speaking at the recent climate strikes and meetings in Greater Manchester.

Eight-year-old Wyatt Sweeny is another sensational youngster who last year decided he wanted to donate all his Easter eggs to a children’s hospital.

But the big-hearted school boy did not stop there and has since gone on to do the Great Manchester Run for the Olivia Campbell-Hardy Trust, complete a Tough Mudder for the Rainbow Trust and walk up Holcombe Hill ­— asking people to donate Christmas selection boxes for children at North Manchester Hospital, Derian Hospice and Grace’s Place.

He is up for the Little Fundraising Hero Category.

While there are numerous incredible individuals up for awards this year, the entire team at Rachel House have earned themselves a spot in the finals.

Based in Mossfield Close, Rachel House supports people with mental health issues, alcohol and substance misuse problems, care leavers and many more; supporting people into employment, out of debt and to live on their own, as well as so much more.

Every day the staff go above and beyond to make people feel like they are part of a family.

The awards also recognise the amazing work being doing to keep people active and enjoy the many benefits of sport.

Casey Lynchey is one of the finalists up for the sporting hero award.

Ms Lynchey set up a women’s walking football league which has blossomed and now sees more than 30 women training and playing in a league.

A driven and determined supporter, Ms Lynchey has thrown herself into supporting the women, regardless of ability, helping with fitness, mental health and friendships going out of her way to set up games and make training enjoyable for all.

However the awards are not restricted to only recognising human achievements with the four-legged hero, Mojo the police dog, also earning a nomination in the Brave category.

Now retired, Mojo was the first police dog on the scene of the tragic Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, alongside his handler PC Phil Healey.

The courageous pair have already picked up a number of awards including a PDSA Order of Merit and a bravery award from the British Transport Police at Crufts.

The winners will be announced on on October 25. Here is a full list of the finalists:

Professional Caring Hero:

Lucy Howe

Dr Ajay Kotegaonkar

The full Rachel House staff team

Debi Walker

Teaching Hero:

Terri Wild

Mrs Joanne Pagliuca

Suzanne Garforth

Fundraising Hero:

Freya Sheldon

Samina Bashir

Gemma and Danny Morgan

Brave Hero:

Keith Harris (Posthumous)

Philip Clayton

Police Dog Mojo

Volunteering Hero:

Jane Edyvean

Michelle Newns Peers

Tracey Kean ­— Beat The Street

Teen Hero:

Emma Greenwood

Patrick Jackson

Courtney McDonald

Little Hero:

Zachariah Fellowes

Bruno Francioli

Nyra Obere

Family Hero:

Bennett Family

Justine Wood Family

Bethany Lee Family

Sporting Hero:

Donna Godwyn

Casey Lynchey

Rick ­— Shooting Stars

Little Fundraising Hero:

Eleanor Heywood

Wyatt Sweeney

Max Reynolds

Caring Hero:

Gayle Whalley

Sheila Fallon

Susan Beresford

Community Hero:

John Pearcy

Sgt Abed Hussain

Lorraine Roach