A PUB landlord who helped conduct CPR on a homeless man who has since died, said his "heart goes out" to the family.

Paul Charnock, landlord of The Bridge Tavern, was one of those who rushed to the aid of the man in Radcliffe town centre on Friday night.

The man is believed to have been sleeping rough in the piazza, in Blackburn Street, for about four days.

The pub landlord said he has since been updated by police, who told him the man suffered "a medical episode" and later died in hospital.

Floral tributes have been left in an alcove near Radcliffe Market, within the area which was cordoned off by police on Friday at about 5.30pm.

One bouquet of flowers is understood to have been stolen, with residents labelling this as "the lowest behaviour" and as "a terrible act", while others have called for it to be returned.

Another resident pledged on social media to purchase new flowers in their place.

Mr Charnock said: "Whoever his family is, our hearts go out to them. It is a shame what has happened. This should not be happening in this day and age."

Radcliffe-born Mr Charnock, who has been a pub landlord at The Bridge Tavern for more than three years, rushed to the aid of the man after noticing a pub regular performing CPR outside.

He said: "I went out onto the square and took over from her, put the man into the correct position and began chest compressions, trying to get oxygen into his body. It was just instinct, human nature. I was there for about five minutes before the paramedics arrived.

"The man was very frail. He was unconscious. We did get a small response from him before he was transferred to the ambulance.

"The police arrived and cordoned off the area. They initially told us they believed there was a third-party involved but we have since been told by CID he had either taken something or had a medical episode.

"It was not nice. There was blood everywhere.

"He had been begging on the streets for a few days. We did not even know his name. It is so sad."

Residents and emergency services have received praise for their efforts to try and save the man.

Staff from The Bridge Tavern are among those who have laid flowers as a tribute.

Ivan Lewis, parliamentary candidate for Bury South, has called an urgent meeting with police and councillors in relation to the incident and other related issues.

Mr Lewis issued this statement via Facebook on Saturday: "Our thoughts and prayers are with the man who lost his life in such tragic circumstances in Radcliffe yesterday. The emergency services and residents at the scene deserve our thanks for their valiant efforts to save his life.

"I am arranging an urgent meeting with the Radcliffe neighbourhood police team to raise concerns about this incident and wider crime related issues.

"The Radcliffe community need reassurance at this extremely sad and worrying time. I will be inviting Radcliffe councillors from all parties to attend.

"I will keep you informed of the outcome of the meeting."

The Radcliffe Times has approached Greater Manchester Police for comment.