A HOUSING development is under way at a former care home.

Stained glass windows, featuring the Manchester Bee, have been installed at the property in Bury Road, Radcliffe.

Construction workers have been seen renovating the building, which lies on a main route between Radcliffe and Bury.

A ramp has also been added to the Edwardian-style building, which was formerly a care home for the elderly.

In June this year an application to make alterations, including the installation of new window openings and construction of a staircase to the basement was approved.

The applicant behind the plans is Ben Riley, of Aon Estates Ltd. Proposals submitted at the time show outline drawings for 13 bedrooms to be developed inside the property, as well as a kitchen area, dining room and lounge.

In December 2017, the council’s planning committee had approved the demolition of the care home in Bury Road to replace it with up to 13 three-bedroom homes on the site, the number being dependent on comments from Coal Authority.

The applicant, Ikhlaq Gorsi was due to build two terraces, one along Bury Road and another at 90 degrees to the Metrolink line.

However, the large detached building, has laid in a severely dilapidated state until just a few weeks ago.

An urban explorer took photos inside the building in early 2018 which suggested it had been vandalised at some point. In places the ceiling was falling down, and windows had been broken.

'Urban explorers' risk injury and possible arrest by entering derelict buildings. However, their exploits inside old and abandoned premises often attract a large following online.

The care home used to be part of the Withins Lane Colliery and in 1907 the site was redeveloped into a single building and in the 50s it was known as St Mary’s Parish Church Rectory. It was associated with the now demolished St Mary’s RC Church, which was situated at the corner of Bury Road and Spring Lane.

After a period as offices, the rectory became a care home in 1985.

Two members of the public commented on the application opposing the development and one in support of it.

Peter Henrys in Orkney Close objected because he felt adding more cars to the area would cause problems for motorists using Orkney Close.

Claire Slater of Bury Road supported the application because the care home building "is an eye sore." She added: “It also attracts litter and crime to the area. The plans are well thought out, the housing layout will mean that existing properties will not be overlooked and the design will provide a quiet safe close for young children to play out on.”

She did not feel parking would be an issue.

No members of the public were present at the meeting and councillors approved the application unanimously.