A SCHOOL has received the seal of approval from those who matter the most ­— the children!

School inspectors found that pupils “love their time at “ St Margaret’s CE Primary School when they visited recently. Ofsted found that the Prestwich school “continues to be a good school” with teachers said to make learning fun.

Bury Times:

“Pupils love their time at school.They are happy and feel safe because they feel well cared for,” stated the Ofsted report.

The report added: “Pupils told me that they have amazing friendships with each other. Pupils were keen to say that bullying did not happen at their school. This is because they are all friends. Pupils said that, if they ever fall out, they can sort this out together.”

The school’s motto is “aim high, never give up” and said school inspectors it was used "to challenge and inspire pupils”.

Most pupils at the school are said to achieve well and “value their education”.

Ofsted reported: “St Margaret’s is a popular school. Senior leaders, governors and staff have high expectations of all pupils.

“They provide an interesting, engaging and improving curriculum which prepares pupils well for the next stage of their education, Pupils achieve well across the school.”

Children’s achievement is above the national average and their learning is said to go beyond the academic curriculum, with many pupils taking part in clubs and activities outside of the classroom. Youngsters in reception class get a “fantastic” start to their education and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities and disadvantaged pupils receive extra support and resources.

“Leaders and governors keep an eye on teachers’ workload to make sure it is manageable. Teachers value this and say they feel well supported.

“Staff morale is high.”

Headteacher Kath Perry said: "The staff, parents, governors and children are thrilled with this extremely positive Ofsted report.

"St Margaret’s is a special community to be part of because of the relationships that exist between the people in it.

"As Head Teacher, I believe that the happiness of the children and staff is so important in supporting learning. The children are at the heart of everything we do and I am very pleased that this has been recognised in the report.

"Our Mission Statement is ‘Aim high and never give up. Enjoy growing and learning together’. We will all continue to do this with the utmost pride."